Prerequisite and Requirement Eligibility Program (PREP)

ARDMS requires that all foreign degrees be evaluated by a Foreign Education Transcript Evaluation Organization. Please visit the ARDMS website for a list of Foreign Education Transcript Evaluation Organizations.

Disclaimer: This program DOES NOT determine your eligibility with the ARDMS. Eligibility is determined by ARDMS staff upon receipt and review of a completed application with all necessary supporting documents. This program is strictly meant as a guide to assist you in choosing a prerequisite or requirement under which to apply for ARDMS examinations. Before submitting a formal application ARDMS encourages you to review the Prerequisites and SPI Examination Requirement chart to ensure that you meet one of the necessary education levels, have the required corresponding clinical experience, and that you are able to supply the necessary supporting documentation. If you have questions or concerns please contact the ARDMS at 800-541-9754.